Recreation of historical characters

VR Guide Me Malaga


For a tour operator in Malaga, we recreated historical characters in 3D for their virtual reality experience. The objective was to recreate and show the historical experience of the city in an innovative and immersive way.


After conducting extensive historical research and gathering all the necessary information, our 3D design team recreated different historical characters of Malaga, from Roman times and the Catholic Monarchs, to the guide who presents the tour in virtual reality. We work closely with historians to ensure that we represent the characters and the era as accurately and in as much detail as possible. Finally, we integrated the 3D models into the virtual reality experience so that users could interact and imagine what life was like in Malaga during different historical moments.

VR Guide Me Malaga

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality

What we did
Creating Avatars for 3D Experience


Recreate historical characters of Malaga in 3D for a virtual reality experience that would show the history of the city in an innovative and immersive way.

3D modeling and animation of historical scenarios

Using artificial intelligence, we brought historical characters to life. The first step was to design the character’s clothes, then give him the desired movement and finally take him to the scene.


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