Historical recreation: The capture of Malaga

VR Guide Me

Recreate the historical moment known as “The taking of Malaga” in the year 1487. During a guided tour, people will wear virtual reality goggles to relive this experience.


Create an immersive experience with virtual reality glasses. After a historical research with professionals, we made the 3D modeling of the space and characters as it was in the past. Once the design is finished, we move on to the animation stage. There, the elements came to life to create a unique, impactful and educational experience.

VR Guide Me

Virtual Reality, 3D Modeling

What we did
Research, design and animation, Development and implementation.


Reconstructing the historical moment to relive it with virtual reality

Space design and historical characters

Using the latest design software, we were able to give the characters and animations the greatest possible realism. The first step was to design the clothes, then give it the desired movement and finally bring it to the scene.


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